I can remember exactly how it started … one of my best friends inherited from her ex-boyfriend an old fur coat, a long sheep skin coat, which at the time seemed totally un-wearable … so she cut off the bottom bit, made it into a waist length jacket and looked so cool that my eyes almost popped out when I saw her wearing it.

From that moment my passion for fur has become my life.

I tread my chosen path with respect for the material and its refinement, but also with a sense of fun and slight irreverence. I have seen many fur coats in my life. I remember every one of them and have found inspiration in all of them. I have even given a name to some of them and will carry on doing so in the future.

To me there is no difference between breathing new life into an older coat or coming up with an idea for a new piece of fur. I love them all.


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