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Atelier Mink&Honey brings back to life old fur. It takes days of searching for a suitable fur coat that can be reworked into the right material I need to realise my vision. And then, thanks to the supreme dexterity of a skilled furrier, is born what all girls dream of – a unique and original piece they will definitely never come across anywhere or on anybody else.


In the world of jewellery undisputedly reign diamonds. In the world of fashion it has been fur.


Sky Blue Fox Fur Collar with Belt

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Pink Fox Fur Collar

I really want to see that Henri Rousseau exhibition. Also a fairly good reason to air my new furry collar. No need to worry what to wear, I can throw it over almost anything and instantly look fab, but the real secret is how it makes me feel. Warm, glamorous and cosy,...
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Mink Coat, Sophia

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Short Fox Fur Jacket, Victoria

Audrey always said Take pleasure in every passing day … which sounds like a good idea. Stopping for a quick ristretto can be a part of it. A little something that adds to the pleasures of life. And seeing this beautifully colored long hair fur jacket on a girl...
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